Examples of completed projects
- engineering design, product design, 3D/2D CAD work, etc...

Motorcycle engine - reverse engineering project Phelon & Moore Panther M120 engine 'reverse engineering' project, modelled in SolidWorks > more
Modelling of client's existing designs in 3D CAD and creation of complete sets of 2D detail drawings > more
Robot prototype, designed modelled for the client in SolidWorks, for rapid prototyping (3d printing) and sheet metal fabrication > more
Manufacturing jig design for the assembly of a bicycle fork  > more

Motorcycle chain guard design - modelled in SolidWorks sheet metal, flat patterned and exported as a DXF file for manufacture (laser cutting) > more
Submersible ROV (remote operated vehicle) designed in Pro/ENGINEER for bouyancy simulation and production of manufacturing drawings > more
Motorcycle rear suspension lowering link,  exported as a DXF file for manufacture (laser cutting) > more Bi-axial flow turbine rotor test rig design Bi-axial flow turbine rotor test rig design. Hub and blade designed for manufacture > more
Hydraulic pump assembly jig
Automated machinery design > photo gallery CNC machined housing 'Football playing' robot housing > more
Hand powered trike project
Additional photo galleries:
Bicycle design
Hand powered trike design

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